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We believe in one God - God the Father.

We believe in Jesus Christ - the Son of God - the only way to the Father.

We believe in the Holy Spirit - God in Spirit.



Jerry touched so many people with his music and his ministry - his travels allowed him to meet and impact thousands. I wanted to do something that would honor Jerry and his ministry, allow him to continue to touch people in some way, and to keep his memory alive going forward. So I've started a Jerry Bennett Memorial Scholarship fund which will award a scholarship to a deserving student graduating from his high school, James Buchanan High in Mercersburg, PA, and pursuing some type of degree/career in music.

If Jerry touched your life in some way and you would like to acknowledge that through a donation to this scholarship fund, please visit:


Do a search by fund name - "Jerry Bennett Memorial Scholarship" . Then click on the donate button - you can then donate via paypal or credit card. Not comfortable doing it online? Call 717-236-5040 - someone there can help you.


You can also donate by mailing a donation to:

The Foundation for Enhancing Communities
ATTN: Jennifer Doyle
200 N 3rd Street, 8th Floor
 Harrisburg PA 17101

Make checks to Jerry Bennett Memorial Scholarship

And all donations are tax deductible!

Now for the legal stuff:
The Jerry Bennett Memorial Scholarship fund is a fund of the Franklin County Foundation, a regional foundation of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities.
The official registration and financial information of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1.800.732.0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.




Entertainer of the Year

Gospel Artist of the Year

Keyboard Player of the Year

Showman of the Year

After winning Entertainer, Gospel Artist and Keyboard Player of the Year awards in 2011, Jerry followed up with winning four of the top awards in 2012.  In the past this award has been given to legend greats such as Merle Haggard, Elvis, Roy Acuff and the list goes on. Bennett is known as a great crowd pleaser with great voice diction and power vocals

For more about the 2012 awards, click here:



Jerry had many national chart successes in his years in Gospel music.  "Oil and The Wine" was on the national charts for six months.  "Sing the Glory Down" was on the national charts for five months with several of those months in the top 40.  As well as the songs that he sang being on the charts,  Jerry had also had a song that he co-wrote, "My God Forgets", on the top of the charts.
Jerry was in Gospel Music for quite a few years, starting out in his teenage years with a local group in the Northeast where he grew up. His love of Gospel Music led him on a path that had him ministering across the entire United States and Canada. In 1995, Jerry co-wrote a song, "My God Forgets", which the Kingsmen took to the top of the Gospel Music Charts. Jerry was recognized with nominations for Song of the Year for this song. In 1996, Jerry became program director for Gospel Music Television. He was also featured singing with other nationally known Gospel Artists on GMT.

In 1999, Jerry was presented with the opportunity to travel with the nationally known group, The Freemans. In late 2000, Jerry decided to concentrate on a solo ministry and ministered all across the United States and Canada till his death in 2013. Jerry was one of the most sought after singers and music evangelist in Southern and Country Gospel Music.

Jerry had numerous songs on the Singing News Charts for Southern Gospel Music nationwide over the last few years of his ministry.


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