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Visit the Personal Testimony page to view a letter from someone whose life was touched while Jerry ministered in Canada in 2007.


Want to help Jerry?

Jerry has been getting lots of airplay all across the country on many radio stations.  The more calls to the stations requesting his songs - the more he gets played - which helps to get people familiar with his ministry and helps to get him into new areas.  Please call your local gospel station and request Jerry's songs.  His current single is "I'll Soon Be Gone".  If the station says they do not have his music, please contact us and let us know so that we can get some music into their hands!



Jerry now has a 501C3-tax status. If anyone is looking to make donations to a worthy cause, they can support this ministry and have a deduction recognized by the IRS.  Just let us know if you need a receipt.



The following link will take you to a website where you can register to earn reward points and possibly get to review Jerry's music.




There have been many questions as to whether Jerry and the Hemphills are traveling together since the album "Diggin'" was released.  The Hemphills graciously loaned their voices and time to help in the making of this tribute album.  Jerry and The Hemphills are available to do dates together.  For more information, please contact Jerry directly.  



Jerry is going to be putting out a monthly newsletter - maybe even more often if there is an update that he thinks you would be interested in.  The first one was sent out on June 9, 2008!  To join his email list, send an email to newsletter-request@jerrybennett.com with "subscribe" in the subject.  When we receive your request, your email address willl be added to the newsletter list and our system will automatically send you an email requesting that you confirm this action.  After accepting the confirmation, you will then start receiving the newsletters with the next one that Jerry sends out.



Jerry still has to stay on top of his blood sugar and returns to the doctor every few months for test. His blood sugar has generally been under control with the daily insulin shots and medication that he is taking. Remember when inviting Jerry to share a meal or snack with you, he can not have anything with sugar in it and he avoids carbs.  Jerry also tires easily and late in the afternoons he will have a "down" time when he needs to rest.


Jerry Available for Revivals:

Jerry has been doing many three and four day revivals.  Besides being blessed with songwriting, singing, and piano playing ability, Jerry can bring a wonderful word to a congregation.  He has been accused many times recently of receiving advance notice from a pastor of what he needs to preach on.  This is not the case.  He just has a wonderful anointing from the Lord as to what a congregation needs.



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