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Hi, this is Jerry Bennett and I felt it a blessing to share with everyone the great things God is doing in dear friends' lives. Please know that God still is faithful!




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From a fan after listening to the "Sing the Glory Down" about a dozen times:

I have been listening to this some more. I remember years ago when I was a teenager going to hear the Goodmans and Rambos. The spirit of God would be so intense, so strong you couldn't hardly stay in your seat. You just didn't know what to do but you would be so overwhelmed and knew you were in the presence of God. I never feel that anymore. Just the other day I was telling some one that. I told them I didn't know if I was just so used to everything now or what, but that was just lost; there was nothing like that out there now.  This morning for the first time in a long time that feeling was there again. That anointing that made you feel so close to God you could just reach out and touch him. I hope Jerry is going to be singing with the Hemphills. This is awesome to me. Tell Jerry and the Hemphills thanks from me for putting this out and I know there will be 100's of other people that will feel the same way.



Handwritten letter from Lillian in Canada:


Archived October 2007

Archived March 2008


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